Bart-Styles: Von der klassischen Bartfrisur zum Trendsetter

3-Tage-Bart: Die richtige Bartpflege

Beard care: How to achieve a 3-day beard

There are many good reasons for a 3-day beard. Firstly, the look is easy to achieve and easy to care for. Secondly, it suits almost every style, every face shape and every age. And: If you have a baby face, it makes you look more mature.

Whether David Beckham, Bradley Cooper or Chris Hemsworth – celebrities are always spotted with a 3-day beard. Fashion-conscious men are definitely still very trendy. With handy tools and a stubble trimmer, like the Gillette 3-in-1 Styler Beard Trimmer Shaver and Definer , you can create a well-groomed version of this masculine look.

Why you should grow a 3-day beard

3-day beards are not only in, but also practical for all men who like to hide small „imperfections“ or who want to give sensitive skin some rest. With a 3-day beard, the chin area also looks more expressive. So unless your chin is one of the most prominent, the beard balances the face shape.

How long is a 3 day beard?

Let’s get to the question of how long the perfect 3-day beard is and how you shave it properly. Because it’s not just about growing the 3-day beard. When it comes to the perfect 3-day beard look, the devil is in the details. That means you need the right shaver, like the 3-in-1 styler with a beard trimmer for stubble. It is also important to start with a flat surface. By this we mean the length of facial hair. Our step-by-step instructions explain exactly how to achieve a 3-day beard.

Step 1: close shave

Yes, you read that right – it starts with a clean shave! The good thing about a stubble is that it can be managed over the weekend. However, in order for the hair growth on the face to be even, you have to start correctly. So when wet shaving your face, use a good, clean razor blade like the Gillette ProGlide . Lather well and then shave the skin with gentle strokes.

Step 2: Grow beard hair

It’s not called a three-day beard for nothing, as most men grow enough hair for this style during this period. As soon as you have achieved a decent, even length on your face, you can think about the next step – the beard styling.

The choice of hair length ultimately determines the look of the 3-day beard. Anyone who likes it neater should work with a shorter beard growth . But the final decision is yours!

Step 3: Trim stubble

So how do you trim a 3 day beard? First up is the overall trim. Choose the most suitable attachment for your beard trimmer styler. 2mm to 3mm is the length most commonly used for a casual look. Then, trim the hair on your face and neck. Make sure that the hair is removed evenly over the entire surface.

Step 4: Definition of the beard contours

Als nächstes ist der Präzisionstrimmer dran. Bearbeite damit von außen nach innen Deine Halslinie. Wie weit Du dabei gehst, liegt an Dir und Deinem individuellen Haarwuchs. Grundsätzlich sehen gepflegte, natürliche Konturen bis zum Adamsapfel oder etwas darüber am besten aus. Kümmere Dich dann um die Barthaare an den Wangenknochen und um den Mund zur Definierung der Konturen an diesen Stellen. Weißt Du, wie Du Deine Bartkonturen definierst? Wenn nicht, hilft Dir .

Schritt 5: Glattrasur um den Bart

This step is optional as the stubble is a more natural look. However, if you want to accentuate your beard, you can use the precision trimmer to shave the areas outside of the defined contours. Use a good shaving gel and a clean, sharp razor. Then dry your face and treat yourself to a soothing aftershave balm .

With these five simple steps, you can achieve a 3-day beard that rivals any celebrity. Trim the beard every few days to keep it in good shape, and use proper grooming to keep the hair clean and soft.

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